ON TRIAL - Cristian Ordóñez
Although only residing in the USA for a short period, Toronto-based Chilean Photographer Cristian Ordóñez has spent a large-period of the previous decade revisiting the lower states creating works that explore the notion of memory, personal relationship, and encounters with the territory. 

On Trial observes and plays witness to these encounters, a body of work that presents the social, economic, and geographic survey of the landscape traveled by Ordóñez. A survey, engaging with all things natural and foreign on even ground, seeking to question not only the observer but the role of the object within the frame.

Forthcoming previous published works, Notes 01, 02, and 03, the new chapter continues to visualise his approach and interest in the photographic process as a medium to explore the territory, own cultural diversity. 

On Trial contains a selection of 20 photographs edited by Rohan Hutchinson, and accompanied with text by Ordóñez. Designed to co-exist with previous and forthcoming published works, the body and cover of the publication exist in the same form, contextualising the in-transit approach of the photographic content, along with the journey of its publishing. 

Released: May 2022

Printed in Melbourne, Australia

Design: Rohan Hutchinson

Photography: Cristian Ordóñez

Cover: Sovereign Offset 115gsm 

Body: Sovereign Offset 115gsm

Text sheet: Envirocare 110gsm 

Edition: 200

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